Griffon Egg

Len knows someone to buy the egg. A man named on the edge of the Fangwood Forest

Len's Gift

Arv heard you escorted Len on her trip to Tikkfenn Farm. She also heard of the pathetic gift she gave you. She offers 50GP each in exchange for the one coin Len gave you (you can tell which coin it is because of a crudely carved pig in the coin’s face)

Sense Motive DC 20 will reveal that her motives aren’t pure and she just wants the coins

Diplomacy DC 20 will allow Arv to be haggled up to 100 GP

Lead a Horse to Water

Kalte Liede informs Clover of a new mission at Golden Bucket Farms. The owner’s daughter was kidnapped in the night by a mysterious figure. Turns out she wasn’t taken, but felt she had to help the burning child cope with it’s fate. She felt the child was her friend because it was the previous owners daughter who died in the fire that destroyed the rusty bucket farm. When the farm was the rusty bucket farm it wasn’t a very successful farm, but they got by. In the fire the whole family perished, but when the child died she was unable to have a last goodbye to her family.

The False King's Temple

The party is given a mysterious map of Cayton with a message to meet in the Fangwood Forest for incredible rewards. When they arrive they meet the mysterious Clover the Cleaver and Kanak. Clover tells the adventurers to clear the temple in order to claim their prize. She wants the flame stone and battleaxe from her fallen comrades, Dierdra and Samson.
After clearing the temple the party is given the opportunity to join Clover’s new guild, the Cleavers, which would give the party occasional high stakes quests.

Dragon Hunt

The party hears that Black Fang was sighted in an old garrison called Raven’s Perch. They find out that the dragon was seen talking to a humanoid. The party must find their way to Raven’s Perch to confront the humanoid and to finish off Black Fang.

Evil in Fangwood Forest

Our adventurers start off by needing work at the Dragon and Hound. They are all given the same quest because the proprietor thinks it is a quest that needs a group to complete (spiders, vermin, goblins… etc…) . After deciding whether or not they wish to travel together, they will go back to the bar to collect the reward. Upon completion, the group will be approached by an elderly looking woman in dark robes. She says that she is an oracle and that she has sensed a great evil in Fangwood Forest. She will explain that her son came to Cayton to destroy the evil that she sensed and has yet to return. She came here to find him, but finds herself incapable of traversing the forest on her own and needs the party to find her son and kill the evil in the forest.


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