Adoc Kelle

New Owner of Golden Bucket Farm


Owner of: Golden Bucket Farms
Husband to: Wynna Kelle
Father to: Elaine Kelle

Employs and Houses:
The Bairnell Family (Halflings)-

  • Waltin Bairnell- Middle Aged Father
  • Mera Bairnell- Middle Aged Mother
  • Daisa Bairnell- Young Daughter (5)
  • Halcon Bairnell- Teenage Son (16)
    The Elron Family (Elves)-
  • Galmire Elron- Middle Aged Father
  • Arwel Elron- Middle Aged Mother
  • Galdore Elron- Old Grandfather
  • Mirime Elron- Old Grandmother
  • Ellas Elron- Young Daughter
    The Rowes Family (Human)-
  • Joyce Rowes- Sister (Twins with Lynne) (25)
  • Lynne Rowes- Sister (Twins with Joyce) (25)
  • Marget Rowes- Teenage Adoptive Sister (Gnome) (14)

Adoc Kelle worked for the former farm, The Rusty Bucket Farm, for the former owner, Vicster Gemviper, as one of the two farm hands on the farm. The other farm hand was a halfling man named Davdak Arcanegrin, who is now the owner of New Hope Farm and is still good friends with Adoc. When the farm was attacked by a dragon the farm hands were taking a break in the nearby forest while Gemviper was drinking in the main house. The dragon destroyed everything, including Gemviper.
Devastated by the loss of their home and job they parted ways.
Adoc met his now wife, Wynna Kelle, while wandering Cayton in the small town of Quatwich. Though they didn’t have much in the way of money they married in July 3011. Adoc went back to Rusty Bucket to try and rebuild his life. There were beasts that overran the farm and Adoc had to take Wynna to Beabluff and began to look for someone to help him. Luckily, The Companions of Chaos were in town after completing a quest in the Fangwood Forest. They agreed to help him and his new wife retake the farm (Mostly due to Brian’s persuading).
The farm was cleared quickly and the couple began building their home. Soon it became clear that the soil on the farm had recovered since the dragon attack and Adoc started farming again. Through hard work and determination him and his wife had started a new farm and he renamed it the Golden Bucket Farm.
In 3013 the farm really took off and Kelle was able to hire employees.
His daughter, Elaine, was born in 3015.
In 3020 he called on The Companions of Chaos again to save his daughter from an unknown entity.

Adoc Kelle

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