Fauna Gellantara

Owner of New Hope Farm


Inherited New Hope Farm from her parents Alutranna Hope and Lyell Hope when they became too old to work on the fields. She married a man named Gramorn Gellantara and he moved onto the farm with her.

Gramorn and Fauna met when Fauna would go into the city with her sister, Penelope Holmes, and father. When her older sister went off to play with her friend and future husband, Henry Holmes, Fauna often went to play with the other children of the town, where she met a poor, gentle boy named Gramorn. The other children were picking on him because he liked learning and reading more than anything else. Fauna wouldn’t pick on the boy and instead stood up for him. She was far tougher than the city kids because of her upbringing. The other kids scattered and she helped the young boy up and they became close friends. They spent time together every time they went into town and she learned a lot about him. She learned that he was incredibly smart and that his mother had died when he was very young. When they got older they began going out and when they were 15 they got married

When Gramorn and Fauna took over the farm Gramorn became the accountant, allowing the farm to hire farm hands and build a few separate houses on the property to house the farm hands and Fauna’s parents.

Fauna was very sad when Penelope decided to leave for Woham to marry Henry, but was also very happy that her sister found someone she wanted to spend her life with. She thought that Woham was close enough to visit her sister often and knew her sister would visit whenever possible. Henry didn’t like the farm, and Fauna was secretly glad. Fauna never liked Henry, but trusted her older sister’s judgement, but she didn’t like his pompous personality and his air of superiority. Her sister often visited on her own and spent time with Fauna.

On one of her visits Penelope told Fauna of how awful Sebastian Silversage III and Illia Silversage were. Penelope was outraged and wanted to do something about them, she knew Henry would be angry if she came to him with these feelings of mutiny. She begged he sister to help her by joining the Society of Thorns with her. Fauna agreed and joined the society by helping provide refuge for other society members and providing rations to them as well. She got the tattoo of the rose on her back when she enlisted. She was considered a very helpful member of the Society.

When the coup took place Fauna wanted to go with Sebastian Silversage IV to help on the front lines, but her family discouraged her and kept her home. She was safe at her farm with her family and workers.

When the coup was over Fauna celebrated with the Society members in her area. Her sister stayed at her home with her husband. In the year that followed the coup, Fauna did not see much of her sister. She received word that she was pregnant from a letter she received in the mail. Due to her prosperous farm, she could not go see her during her pregnancy, but when the baby was born Penelope went to visit the farm with her baby boy. She was saying goodbye, because she was moving to Beabluff to raise her child. Fauna was devastated that her sister was leaving. It would be very hard to be without her, but Fauna supported her sister in whatever she did.

Fauna lives a quiet life on her farm with her family.

Fauna Gellantara

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