Findalye Wene

Organizer of The Farmer's Guild


Findalye is a young half-elven druid who lives in Wotan and runs The Farmer’s Guild. Her hair is short and brown and her eyes are green. She looks like she is a child, but she is 25. She is very determined and also very kind. A very hard worker and takes her work very seriously. She will become upset is someone belittles her work with the Farmer’s Guild, but doesn’t mind anyone belittling her. She doesn’t have many friends other than Sebastian and his council. Does not like conflict.
Before Sebastian overthrew his parents Fidalye lived on her own farm, Hidden Hill Farmstead. She grew her crops in secret and sold them for a low price at any town she felt needed the help. One day she was discovered by the Silversages and was sentenced to work in the Silversage fields as a slave. She worked there for 3 years before Sebastian overthrew his greedy parents. She was set free, along with the other slaves the Silversages kept. Sebastian recognized Findalye from Fygrove as he was fleeing his family. The young half elf showed him kindness and gave him a few apples and bread for his journey because he looked to be in need. Sebastian stopped her from leaving and asked her if she would like to help restore Cayton to the farming community it once was.

Associated with Hidden Hills Farm, Sebastian, Giles Went, and The Farmer’s Emporium.

Findalye Wene

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