Arietta Bennett



  • Killed Nicolas Saint Clair in Nione in 3012
  • Rescued Kanak from band of thieves in 3018
  • Cleared a group of cultists from a temple in the Fangwood Forest filled with a group of cultists summoning demons under the Demon King, Asmodeus. Her friend and ally, Dierdra, perished at the hands of a greater demon which teleported Clover to the upper plane of hell, Avernus, when she slayed it. She barely managed to escape the plane with her life. in 3019
  • Reconnected with her father, Thordin Brandt. in 2999


  • Obtain Deirdra’s elemental stone and Samson’s axe
  • Create her own guild called The Infernal Cleavers

Born May 25, 2988 (32)
Clover’s real name is Arietta Bennett (Arietta means little song). She was named by her mother, Mavis Bennett (Mavis meaning songbird). Her father, Content Not Found: thordin-bennett, was a well respected man in the city of Bshar because he was the towns sword smith and his brother was the towns doctor. When Mavis was sixteen she became pregnant with Arietta. Ricker was twenty at the time. When Arietta was born her appearance was considered to be strange. She had one green eye and one bright blue eye and white hair, which looked a lot like her mother’s appearance. The child’s appearance caused rumors to go around the small hospital and soon the entire town knew of the child’s appearance.


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