Local bard that often plays at The Dragon and Hound


An orphaned gnomish woman who was raised by the town after her parents were murdered by Sebastian Silversage III’s army while protecting their farm (The now destroyed Tikkfenn Farm) in 2999.
Tikkfenn was a well known farm only a half day trek from Beabluff, everyone loved the owners (Chikaer and her husband Faerdinn) and their sweet daughter. The army was ordered to take Tikkfenn farm, along with several others, to begin farming to support the capital and send food to Nione to Nicolas Saint Clair in Nione to support their strongest ally.
When Len’s parents refused to give the farm freely and peacefully they told Len to run to Beabluff and tell the people of what was happening.
Though Len’s parents and the other farmers were able to stand their ground for a while they were no match for the king’s trained armed forces.
Len ran to town as fast as she could, remembering the way from all the trips she took with her parents, and told the townsfolk of what was happening. Unfortunately, they were too late to help. When the townsfolk arrived they found a burning farm and bodies everywwhere, inclluding the bodies of Chikaer and Faerdinn.
The fire was put out, the farmland scorched and unusable, graves were constructed for the farmers that lost their lives. The graveyard now lays untouched, forgotten by many, but every year on the anniversary of the blood bath Len goes to her old farm and lays flowers on all of the forgotten graves and sings her mothers favorite song, the lullaby she would sing Len every night:
Earth moves the air
And the wind feeds the fire
Magic is here
If you dare to believe
Sail out to sea
On an ocean of mystery
And bring your heart
To the ones that you meet

Now Len is a scavenger and a local bard. Her and her pet pig, Wallace, travel the outskirts of the forest in search of unique ingredients and treasure when she can get a group of people to go with her in case she runs into trouble. She often plays in The Dragon and Hound to earn some money and board. All of the people of Beabluff treat her like family.



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