Adriel Braine

Zugunar's Lead General and Battle Tactician


Adriel was born in the town of Armalk in Zugunar. His parents were well known warriors fighting along side Fallim in the great battle of Dora lake. They were able to drive out Nicolas Saint Clair and his forces handing the army its largest defeat to that point. Adriel grew hearing stories of his parents and seeing how everyone in the town looked up to them, so he decided that that is what he wanted for himself. Adriel wanted to become the strongest warrior in the world, but in order to do that he must prove himself against other strong warriors. At the age of 16 he left his home to travel the world. He travels the world as a mercenary looking for worthy opponents and testing his skills. In his travels he came across an ifrit by the name of Dierdra the Infernal who told him of her quest to find the great summoner that promised to teach her. Knowing that such a summoner would be an incredible challenge for him, he decided to join forces with Dierdra to find her. Now the two of them find themselves in the southern most part of Artania in the town of Beabluff. They are in the Dragon and Hound searching for the woman they seek and for a way to make some extra coin.

After the defeat of Nicolas Saint Clair Adriel traveled the world with his party and accomplished many feats which earned him and his party, The Companions of Chaos, a reputation that spread far and wide. When he returned to Zugunar he was greeted with a public that knew of his tales. He joined the army and rose in ranks quickly and now works closely with the King.

Adriel Braine

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