Nicolas Saint Clair

Lion of the Grave

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When Nicolas was young he grew up in a small village in Nione called Lunaris. He moved there with his father when he was eleven because his father became the new head of the city guard there (the old captain went missing one night while patrolling the surrounding forest.). Everyone in the town loved Nicolas and his father, but many wondered what had happened to his mother (who had died in child birth). The constant reminder of his dead wife lead Nicolas’ father into alcoholism (which he had always struggled with, but he had began healing on Nicolas’ tenth birthday). Nicolas’ father was an angry drunk, and the only person he could take it out on was Nicolas (who had gotten very good at hiding the scars and bruises and burns all over his body). Nobody lifted a finger to help him, though they all knew it was happening, because they feared what the captain of the guard would do to them if they opposed him. The kids in the town were weary, but not unfriendly with Nicolas. He had grown used to it, and told them what they wanted to hear so that they would be his friend. One day Nicolas noticed a young girl trying to follow him in the village square. This child was different from the others, her skin was far more pale then the others and though he recognized her, he didn’t remember her really being around a lot. She usually stayed in her house and this made Nicolas curious. He coaxed the young girl, Celeste Kilgore, into being his friend. He lived in Lunaris until he was fourteen. He had seduced the strange girl he had met one day as a kid and his relationship with Celeste became romantic. She loved him, and he knew all of her secrets, even that she was a dhampir, and she would follow him to the ends of the earth. Which was how Nicolas liked it. Together they planed and succeeded in the killing of Nicolas’ abusive father. They ran away together to the capitol of nione, Aramore, Nicolas’ birthplace. He got into the castle using his charm and eventually gained power. After five years be became the emperor’s advisor. After ten he took over as emporer. He lead the country of Nione as a tyrant with Celeste by his side. He wants power and doesn’t care how he gets it. After six years of adjusting his forces in Nione, he decided that he wanted more. The Always a manipulative man, nicolas told the country of Nione that the people of the known world were tryijg to contain Nione. The people did not like the thoughts of imprisonment that nicolas put in their heads and gladly began readying an army for the first attack. Nione attacked Tantrun two years later. The country took three years to overthrow completely. It took Nicolas two years to rally his troops in both countries. He told his people that if they rallied together nobody could harm them. Overzealous with his last victory Nicolas sent his armies to Zugunar through the forest. They attacked the first city in Zugunar a d were met with steel. Zugunar was ready for an attack unlike Tantrun. The emperor set up a large Garrison there led by a dwarven man named Kilurt. The Nionian army was ready though. As they retreated the Garrison followed to the lake where Killurt’s Garrison were ambushed from the forest. A sorceror named Eli Firedorn killed Killurt, charring his face with his fireball. Killurt’s body floated down the river toward _______________ and alerted the Garrison there. This Garrison was led by Fallim Bargirn, Killurt’s best friend and brother in battle. He kept into a rage and wiped out the remaining intruders with his Garrison eating him title of emperor. Unfortunately for Nicolas, Hore, Cayton, Ithlum, and Arthwic banded together and invaded Nione from Hore. They effectively took down Nicolas, but before he died Nicolas took his wife to their childhood home of Lunaris. There she bit him to turn him to a vampire. She kept him alive while the vampirism took effect and when Nicolas died Celeste cried for him. He was then reborn as a twisted vampire.

Associated with Viktor Farspell and Vlade

Nicolas Saint Clair

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