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  • Society of Thorns

    Before [[:sebastian-silversage | Sebastian Silversage IV]] defeated his parents and became ruler of Cayton his parents, [[:illia-silversage | Illia Silversage]] and [[:sebastian-silversage-iii | Sebastian Silversage III]], ruled the nation with an iron …

  • Garrett Dawson

    He finds the party while they leave the basement of Rust Bucket Farm. He is investigating rumors of a member of [[The Order of the Note | The Order of the Note]] in the city of [[Beabluff | Beabluff]]. The party also leaves him with no issues.

  • Gil Blackbane

    Gil went to [[Beabluff | Beabluff]] to talk to [[:joycie | Joycie]] about leaving Beabluff to go with him to the [[Fygrove | Fygrove]] area to be protected. Many of [[Society of Thorns | the Society of Thorns]] have died in Beabluff, and many of the …

  • Fauna Gellantara

    Inherited New Hope Farm from her parents [[:alutranna-hope | Alutranna Hope]] and [[:lyell-hope | Lyell Hope]] when they became too old to work on the fields. She married a man named [[:gramorn-gellantara | Gramorn Gellantara]] and he moved onto the farm …

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