Alchemy Reagents by Region and Terrain

Price Points:
Common- 5CP
Uncommon- 1GP
Rare- 10-100 GP

Common- 10
Uncommon- 20
Rare- 25- 30


  • Around rivers and shores
    Common- Water Hyacinth, Algae, and Water Poppy (used for a minor light elixir)
    Uncommon- Toadstool Sitter and Smooth Water Worn Rocks (When crushed with the water it was in the rock powder can be used in a poison antidote)
    Rare- Moonglow (Can be made into a waterbreathing potion by steeping in purified water for 5 days or can be made into a poison that deals 1D6 Con DC 14 halves damage and two con saves makes poison disperse. Can only be found at night and only three can be held at once unless the player has a Sunbright which will make the Moonglow wilt) and Bois Dantelle (A flower that grows on the bottom of lily pads that can be used to make a cure serious wound potion when combined with Potent Greenwarish or can make a potion of water breathing when combined with a frog’s eye from the pool of water the Bois Dantelle was found.)
  • Plains and Fields
    Common- Grain and Weak Greenwarish (can be used by itself or be made into a cure light wounds potion. When used by itself a roll of 15 or higher heals 5HP. Looks like all other common Greenwarish)
    Uncommon- Windmill Flower, Purple Anise, and Spiny Nut
    Rare- Sunbright (Can be made into a Daylight potion by combining it with holy water or it can be made into a Good hope potion when steeped in water while a child holds the flask. Can only be found in the daylight. Only three can be held at once unless the player has a Moonglow which will make the Sunbright wilt) and Destiny Grass (can be combined with any poison to add 1D6 damage to the poison. It can also be combined with any healing potion to add 1D6 to the health restored)
  • Mountains
    Common- Weak Greenwarish, Burst Rock (Can be crushed into a dust to be used in a variety of potions), and Scrub Oak Leaves.
    Uncommon- Dragonthorn, Columbine, and Juniper
    Rare- Loneflower (Loneflowers kill all other flora and fauna in a 10ft radius and players can only have 1 loneflower at a time. If the player has any other flora or fauna in their inventory they will wilt within 42 hours. Can be used to craft a Magic Vestige +5 potion when combined with burst rock dust or a Magic Weapon +5 when combined with dust from a whetstone)
  • Forest
    Common- Weak Greenwarish, Spiny Nut, Purple Anise, and tree bark
    Uncommon- Wolfsbane, Hemlock, and Malyass
    Rare- Deathbell (used to make a powerful poison when combined with moonglow and steeped for five days in purified water, the poison deals 1D10 instead of 1D6), Nightcry (Usually can only be found at night, but due to the thick forest the flower grows anyways. The flower can last for 3-5 days before wilting. The petals “cry” a minor healing potion for each day in the inventory.) , and Katniss (When eaten raw the player is considered well nourished for 5 days, the plant can also make a malnourished character nourished. When combined with cat fur it can make a cat’s grace potion)

Alchemy Reagents by Region and Terrain

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