The Seal creates Ina

Ina creates Ihys and Asmodeus from parts of her heart

Ina gives the rest of her form to create other beings: Desna, Alosad, Sarenrae, Aroden, Dinofah, Sotokar, Igni, Kiraph, Lama, Steinnarr, Tozow, and Sophena as well as the celestial plane. By giving her form, Ina gave the gods the ability to create using her sacrifice.

Ina’s children began creating other planes and stars, planets, planes, and different laws to bind them.

Ihys noticed souls leaking from the seal and has Sotokar, Igni, Kiraph, and Lama create the mortal plane and Dinofah, Sotokor, and Igni create husks of mortals.

Ihys then created mortals from the wandering souls and husks and discovered worship.

The other gods followed his example and populated the mortal plane with mortal puppets.

Lesser gods emerged from the Seal: Rimanion, Nol, Tog, Umbra, Kusha, Alseta, Rovagug, and Urgathoa

Ihys felt sympathy for mortals (because they were just the god’s puppets) and granted them the right to forge their own destiny with the help of Steinnarr. This created the first war in the heavens. One side felt the mortals were the gods tools (like Asmodeus) and the other felt their creation should be free (like Ihys).

Asmodeus blamed his brother for the fighting and destruction but Ihys believed good came from mortal’s free will. The last battle of this feud was on the mortal planes somewhere in the mountains of Ithlum. Asmodeus offered his hand to Ihys in brotherhood and preformed the first act of treachery, murdering his brother with a great spear. As a last act of sympathy for his brother Asmodeus let Ihys’ dream of freedom to stand.

Asmodeus then created Hell as a monument to the old ways of absolute meciless order and as a warning of what would one day make a new. Asmodeus and his followers decsend to Hell, leaving the celestial plane forever.

The now free mortals live in harmony on the material plane for 1000 years

Year 1000

Hore and Nione begin a war for territory.

Year 1100

Hore and Nione establish their own borders. Ithlum begins to separate from Hore.

Year 1200

Hore and Zugunar are at war because Zugunar does not want to be apart of Hore anymore.

Year 1250

Ithlum is considered an independant province.

Year 1255

Trantrun is pushed off of the main islands by Zugunar to a smaller island
Arthwic decides to migrate South, leaving Zugunar peacefully.

Year 1301

While exploring the islands of the South Arthwic finds a tribe of farmers on the Southern most island. Mappers and explorers go to explore the undiscovered continent

Year 1400

Arthur Cayton declares the Southern isle as its own province named after himself as Cayton.

Year 2908

Nicolas Saint Clair becomes ruler of Nione

Year 2916

Nicolas attacks Trantrun

Year 2919

Nicolas takes over Tantrun

Year 2920

Nicolas attacks Zugunar and fails. Hore, Nione, Ithlum, and Zugunar overthrow Nicolas as emperor with the supplies from Cayton and Arthwic.

Year 2921

Tantrun begins a civil war when Nicolas’ forces are kicked out.

Year 2991
The Silversage Siege

Year 3009
Sebastian Silversage IV kills his father and begins his rule

Year 3012
Nicolas is defeated by The Companions of Chaos

YEAR 3020- The Year of the Wyrm (as celebrated in Trantrun) Present day


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