Kraven Thunderrshield


Kraven was a mercenary in his youth in Zugunar. He found himself working for many wealthy men and women. He would kill many creatures and people and made a good living doing it. Kraven had many friends in high places, but also made many enemies.

Eventually Kraven met a woman named Nacy Winhelm and fell in love. They were married shortly after meeting. They were married for 5 years before they had there first child, a son who they named Sampson. Kraven and his family moved to the city of Gamor. Kraven joined the city guard and his family lived on the outskirts of town. Kraven and Nacy had there second child 4 years later. A daughter that they named Elizabeth. Kraven and his family lived happily in there city for ten years.

One day while Kraven was patrolling the city he had to break up a disagreement between two wealthy businessmen. One of the two took exception to a guard disrupting him and swore revenge. Kraven didn’t pay attention to the man since he had threats to his life daily.


Kraven Thunderrshield

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